Expert advisers

All members of our team are dedicated to the success of our customers. Everyone knows that success in the repair of appliances depends on the supply of the desired part in the shortest time. This imperative has become our vocation, our reason for being, with all our customers. This is what has built our reputation and today allows us to count hundreds of satisfied customers. Always at the cutting edge of the latest technological developments in household appliances, the company has evolved with the requirements of the market. Our expert advisors are more than parts suppliers . Listening to their customers, they evaluate requests and provide advice from knowledgeable professionals to deliver the most appropriate solutions.

Our services

Providing new and re-manufactured appliance parts, Électro-Pièces Cowansville stands out for its ability to provide a service of excellence to its customers. By using our expertise, our customers know that they will find the part they are looking for in the shortest possible time. Because we know that our customers demand first and foremost guaranteed service in the shortest time frames whether the part is new or re-manufactured.